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thlIngan QoQ

This Friday and possibly Sunday I'll be heading to Starbase Indy (the 15th Generation).  Partly to network and schmooze, partly just to be a fanboy rather than a performer or vendor, but mostly so that I can give out free copies of il Troubadore's Klingon music demo, "tlhIngan QoQ" to whomever will take one.  Cover art (by moi) is below:

il Troubadore's Klingon music album, "thlingan QoQ"Tracks will include excerpts from our Klingon Ballet "wa'SaD ram wa' ram je" and other original tunes written in Klingon as well as some favorite Klingon War and Drinking songs.

Being a demo, it obviously won't be a finished product, and we've also got to secure the reproduction rights for various franchise tunes--we'll worry about that when we reach that hurdle.


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